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Thai Union Graphic Co., Ltd. (TUG), a subsidiary company in Thai Union Group, was established in 1995 to provide a variety of top-notch offset printing services such as packaging, labels, packaging stickers (both in rolls and single pieces), tags, pamphlets, leaflets, brochures, flyers, card games, and other high-quality printing media.

With more than 20 years of experience in the printing business, TUG aims to continuously strive to produce first-class merchandise and fulfill each and every specific need of our customers. As a result, TUG has put an emphasis on every production process and has applied a quality standard system in all tasks. The followings are an example of the quality standard certification awarded to TUG:

º ISO: 9001, a quality standard system which guarantees every step of first-rate working process

º Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), a system to ensure safety and cleanliness for the consumers and the environment

º Hazard analysis and critical Control Points (HACCP), a production control system to ensure that the finished products are safe and risk-free to the customers

TUG printouts have received a golden medal (labels) from the Asian Thai Print Awards and a golden medal in the category of labels, stickers, and packaging stickers from the Thai Print Awards organized by Thai Print Academy as a guarantee for our exceptional abilities and the superior quality of our products.

All kinds of business including food and beverage business, pharmaceutical cosmetics business, automobile business, clothing business, telecommunication business, financial institutes, along with government sectors such as Tourism Authority of Thailand and Government Savings Bank, have trusted TUG to provide the high-quality printing materials. Furthermore, TUG has been recognized among international companies in USA, UK, France, European Union countries, Middle Eastern countries, Australia and Asian countries for our excellent service and quality.

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TUG Services

Folding Box

With more than two decades of experience, TUG is an expert in printing boxes including food containers, goods folding boxes, electronic appliances folding boxes, and other folding boxes. Our high-technology technique enables TUG to effectively produce folding boxes through our automatic box folding forming machines which not only prevent forgery but also deliver environment-friendly products.

Paper Label & Stickers

Because each label and sticker is unique, TUG always pushes to cover every characteristic demand of our customers in terms of colors and designs with our comprehensive range of color specification and materials. We are also equipped with special techniques such as silver foiling stamping, gold foiling stamping, spot coating, and tailored die cutting patterns to suit our customers’ requests.

Book & Commercial Printing

We offer a variety of printing materials such as posters, pamphlets, leaflets, brochures and flyers with as many or as few copies as you wish. For a small amount, we can cover your requests with digital printing at a reasonable price.

Our Customers

As we have been providing the superior service with dedication and attention to every production process with our five-star customer service, TUG has been recognized and trusted by countless prestigious companies and organizations, and by the printing industry itself.


As we strive to fulfill any particular need of our customers with utmost quality, we have been implementing the most up-to-date technologies such as printing on metallized paper and metallized plastic which make the products even more eye-catching. We also offer high-technology service in embossing, spot coating, silver foiling stamping, gold foiling stamping and gloss matte coating which aids in making your products even more outstanding.

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All of your comments and requests are valuable for us, and we are willing to provide you the best service and expertise in return. For feedbacks and questions to TUG, do not hesitate to contact us at thaiuniongraphic@thaiunion.com. We will respond as quickly as we can. Thank you.



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